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Also Known As
GMR-GAL4, lGMR-GAL4, longGMR-GAL4, long GMR-GAL4, LGMR, longGMR, P[longGMR-GAL4]
Expression Data
GAL4 reporter/driver
Associated insertion(s)
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Description and Uses
Construct components
Component allele Scer\GAL4GMR.long
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Five copies of a 38bp gl protein-binding site ("long GMR") drive expression of a GAL4 driver.

Sequence Data
Sequence (FB)
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DNA Sequence
Segments and Size
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Component Alleles
(Douthit et al., 2021, Escobedo et al., 2021, Hung et al., 2021, Jhan et al., 2021, Jiao et al., 2021, Kohrs et al., 2021, Nikookar et al., 2021, Pojer et al., 2021, Pojer et al., 2021, Zarini-Gakiye et al., 2021, Abtahi et al., 2020, Ashraf et al., 2020, Caipo et al., 2020, Haghi et al., 2020, He et al., 2020, Johnson et al., 2020, Lee et al., 2020, Li et al., 2020, Luo et al., 2020, Nakamura et al., 2020, Şahin et al., 2020, Wang et al., 2020, Washington et al., 2020, Zhao and Wang, 2020, Bason et al., 2019, Bervoets et al., 2019, He et al., 2019, Johnson et al., 2019, Kim et al., 2019, Lee et al., 2019, Letizia et al., 2019, Liao et al., 2019, Linsalata et al., 2019, Ogi et al., 2019, Otsuka et al., 2019, Sancer et al., 2019, Stenesen et al., 2019, Xu et al., 2019, Yan et al., 2019, Yedlapudi et al., 2019, Blount et al., 2018, Cao et al., 2018, Jia et al., 2018, Moehlman et al., 2018, Ren et al., 2018, Ristic et al., 2018, Anderson et al., 2017, Casey et al., 2017, Celona et al., 2017, Chen et al., 2017, Manes et al., 2017, Richards et al., 2017, Talay et al., 2017, Yan et al., 2017, Zhang et al., 2017, Jones et al., 2016, Jukam et al., 2016, Kulkarni et al., 2016, Mishra et al., 2016, Ruan et al., 2016, Sheng et al., 2016, Sokabe et al., 2016, Dechen et al., 2015, Huang et al., 2015, Kim et al., 2015, Oh et al., 2015, Richards et al., 2015, Stenesen et al., 2015, Tsou et al., 2015, Burr et al., 2014, Chen et al., 2014, Das et al., 2014, Johnston and Desplan, 2014, Kunduri et al., 2014, Liman et al., 2014, Luan et al., 2014, Rosenbaum et al., 2014, Rosenbaum et al., 2014, Ting et al., 2014, Ting et al., 2014, Wernet et al., 2014, Cameron et al., 2013, Hattori et al., 2013, Hindle et al., 2013, Jeong et al., 2013, Jia et al., 2013, Jukam et al., 2013, Jukam et al., 2013, Mishra et al., 2013, Soukup et al., 2013, Thanawala et al., 2013, Xu et al., 2013, Yi et al., 2013, Butler et al., 2012, Chen et al., 2012, Chinchore et al., 2012, Chountala et al., 2012, Gregory et al., 2012, Kinser and Dolph, 2012, Tanenhaus et al., 2012, Timofeev et al., 2012, Voßfeldt et al., 2012, Wang et al., 2012, Abou Tayoun et al., 2011, Benchabane et al., 2011, Benchabane et al., 2011, Funakoshi et al., 2011, Panneels et al., 2011, Stephan et al., 2011, Tamura et al., 2011, Hamanaka et al., 2010, Houalla et al., 2010, Ferguson et al., 2009, Franzdóttir et al., 2009, Yan et al., 2009, Mazzoni et al., 2008, Petrovic and Hummel, 2008, Qi et al., 2007, Wagner et al., 2007, Anderson et al., 2006, Hoshino et al., 2006, Wernet et al., 2006, Mikeladze-Dvali et al., 2005, Ratnakumar and Desplan, 2004.1.26, Wernet et al., 2003)
Molecular data

Five copies of a 38bp gl protein-binding site ("long GMR") drive expression of a GAL4 driver.

Expression Data
Reporter Expression
distribution deduced from reporter (Gal4 UAS)
Tissue/Position (including subcellular localization)
Additional Information

Drives expression in photoreceptor cells, starting in larval stages and continuing through adulthood.

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Synonyms and Secondary IDs (47)
Reported As
Symbol Synonym
Glass multimer reporter-Gal4
LGMR (long glass multiple reporter)-Gal4
Long GMR-Gal4
long glass multimer reporter-Gal4
long glass multiple reporter-Gal4
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