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FB2017_01, released February 14, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Reference Manual Table of Contents

  • Reference Manual F. Links to and from FlyBase
    • F.1. FlyBase Identifier Numbers
    • F.2. Links to external databases
      • F.2.1. FlyBase-curated links
      • F.2.2. FlyBase linkouts
  • Reference Manual G. FlyBase Documentation
    • G.1. Nontraditional alleles
      • G.1.1. Alleles of reporter genes
      • G.1.2. Alleles of ectopically expressed Drosophila gene products
      • G.1.3. Alleles of ectopically expressed non-Drosophila effector products
      • G.1.4. Classical alleles engineered into transgene constructs, including rescue constructs
    • G.2. Controlled vocabularies used by FlyBase
    • G.3. Classification of Gene Products using Gene Ontology (GO) terms
      • G.3.1. FlyBase GO data
      • G.3.2. Evidence
        • G.3.2.1. Use of evidence codes
        • G.3.2.2. Use of Qualifiers
    • G.4. Computed Feature type of genes
    • G.5. Computed cytological data
      • G.5.1. Computed cytological locations of objects which have been mapped to the genome
      • G.5.2. Computed cytological location of insertions based on the gene in which it is inserted
      • G.5.3. Computed cytological locations of objects based upon data from the literature
      • G.5.4. Tools
    • G.6. Personal communications to FlyBase
    • G.7. Gene Model Annotation Guidelines (2007)
      • G.7.1. Criteria for Annotation (2007)
      • G.7.2. Evidence used for gene model annotation as of March 2007
      • G.7.3. Exceptional cases (2007)
      • G.7.4. Assessment of supporting data (2007)
      • G.7.5. Current list of "canned" annotation comments (2007)
    • G.8. Gene Model Annotation Guidelines (2012)
      • G.8.1. Types of data that inform gene model annotation (2012)
      • G.8.2. Rules and criteria for annotation (2012)
      • G.8.3. Exceptional cases (2012)
      • G.8.4. Assessment of supporting data (2012)
      • G.8.5. Curator comments: Current list of standardized annotation comments (2012)
    • G.9. What does the annotation evidence score mean?
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