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Gene Model Status


  • The gene has a current gene model (indicated in the report by the presence of an annotation symbol and genomic map).


  • The gene has a current gene model, but supporting data are either inconclusive or ambiguous. Please see "Comments on Gene Model" section of the Gene Report for further explanation.


  • FlyBase annotators have determined that this gene model is incomplete due to genomic assembly/sequencing gaps or unidentified translation start sites.


  • The gene had a gene model in a previous FlyBase release, but newer data do not support the existence of such a gene model.


  • The gene doesn't have, and has never had, a gene model; the gene is inferred to exist from genetic data only.

Not Applicable (N/A)

  •  In FlyBase, a gene model is the summation of the sequence level descriptions of the mature transcripts and, for protein coding genes, coding sequences and polypeptides encoded by an individual gene.