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FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

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New FlyBase Reports

FlyBase has developed two new types of reports that are introduced as part of the FB2009_05 release. The first is a Sequence Feature report, which currently describes data about RNAi reagents such as BKN21574. In the future Sequence Feature reports will also be used to describe natural genomic features (aside from transcribed regions), such as replication origins, transcription factor binding sites and boundary elements, and other experimental reagents that map to the genome, such as microarray oligonucleotides and rescue fragments.

The second report type is a Library/Collection Report. Libraries and/or Collections are sets of data or reagents, and the report describes the set as a whole. An example of a Library/Collection report is the page with information on the GH cDNA library. The report describes the source from which cDNAs were generated, how the library was generated, and from where clones can be ordered (when available). Additional information that is relevant is also provided.

Both of these new types of data can be searched using QuickSearch and/or QueryBuilder, and the information contained within the reports can be downloaded in bulk using Batch Download. Please do not hesitate to contact FlyBase if you have questions about these new types of data.