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Cell Line Reports

FlyBase is very pleased to introduce cell line reports as part of the FB2009_06 release. We have worked closely with Lucy Cherbas and Chris Hemmerich of the Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC) to integrate the DGRC data on cell lines with information in FlyBase, and are very grateful to them for providing such a useful data set. The new report pages, such as the one for Kc167, show the origin of each line, including the developmental stage and source of the line. The reports also list the sex and karyotype of a line where that has been established, and contain links to stable transformants and other derivatives of the line. At the bottom of each report page there is a list of publications that describe the cell line, and a list of synonyms used for the line in the literature. For people interested in working with the cell lines the reports have links to the DGRC where there is some more information on the lines and they are available for purchase.