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Display of the New Bloomington Deficiency Kit

Twenty years ago the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC) defined the original Bloomington Deficiency Kit, which became a standard tool for mapping and screening used throughout the Drosophila community. New sets of deficiencies with molecularly defined endpoints produced by the Exelixis, DrosDel and BDSC deletion projects have since brought deficiencies into the genomic era. The new BDSC Deficiency Kit consists of molecularly defined deficiencies from all sources supplemented with cytologically defined aberrations to achieve 98% deletion coverage of the euchromatic genome. FlyBase is pleased to provide a GBrowse display of this important community resource.

To view the new BDSC Deficiency Kit in GBrowse select "Stock Center Data" as the Data Source ("Stock Center Data" replaces "Insertions in Stock Collections"). In addition to a subset of the standard D. melanogaster genome annotation tracks, this GBrowse view provides tracks for the BDSC Deficiency Kit, for all stock center deficiencies with molecularly-defined endpoints, and for insertions in public stock collections. Help is available from the Help and key for Stock Center Data evidence tiers link found immediately above the Tracks panel.