FB2016_04, released July 28, 2016

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Expression Data Presentation Update

As a complement to our presentation of RNA-Seq and FlyAtlas expression data on our GBrowse genome browser, FlyBase now provides a gene level summary view of these data within the FlyBase Gene Reports and the ability to query on these data for particular temporal or tissue expression patterns.

These data are now integrated into the gene reports (Gene Report → Expression data → High Throughput Expression Data). Users now have the option to set the visualization parameters. The default view is a histogram with a scale set to the maximum expression level of the gene being viewed. Visitors may choose between linear and logarithmic scales, or a heat map. In addition, the data are now available for download as tab-separated files.

These data are also searchable through QuickSearch — select the “expression pattern (high throughput)” option.

The methods used to generate this data set can be found on the reference report for Gelbart and Emmert, 2010.