FB2016_04, released July 28, 2016

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

D. pseudoobscura Gene Model Reannotation: Chromosome 2 Complete!

FlyBase is pleased to announce completion of the manual reannotation of gene models on D. pseudoobscura chromosome 2 as of release 2.26. Release 2.3 of the D. pseudoobscura genome consisted of gene models based upon a synthesis of several gene prediction algorithms (FBrf0200326). Manual re-assessment of the predicted gene models was initiated in May 2009 at FlyBase UNM (University of New Mexico), and has been progressing since then through incrementally updated releases.

On chromosome 2, 91 new gene models have been identified, 88 gene models have been restored, and 126 invalid models have been deleted. Complex changes include 24 gene models that were split, creating 49 new genes, and 188 gene models that were merged, creating 85 gene models. Reassessment of existing gene models resulted in 282 that were significantly changed, 57 that were re-classified as pseudogenes, and 550 that were improved with addition of alternative transcripts. Availability of EST data has allowed addition of 1322 UTRs.

Prior to manual reannotation 3,630 protein-coding genes were identified on chromosome 2; now there are 3,477. Fewer, yes, but definitely more accurate!

D. pseudoobscura chromosome 2 is syntenic to D. melanogaster chromosome arm 3R (Muller element E).