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Want to learn more about FlyBase?

FlyBase can be quite daunting for the new or indeed seasoned Drosophilist. We are constantly evolving the database and the public site to reflect developments in the many fields of Drosophila research and sometimes it's hard to keep up. Thankfully, we have a number of help documents available to help you get the best out of FlyBase. In addition, we regularly publish more in-depth papers about specific aspects of FlyBase, whether it be the website and search tools, or covering more 'under the hood' topics. In this commentary, we would like to highlight some of these help documents and publications to help you get more out of FlyBase.

If you're new to FlyBase and would like a brief introduction to the layout of the report pages, GBrowse and how to search FlyBase (in particular the use of our QuickSearch tool in the centre of the homepage), check out our 2011 FlyBase 101 paper. For a more detailed introduction, we have a downloadable PDF of our workshop handout, which gives a step-by-step guide to FlyBase, as well as some worked-through questions and answers, covering topics such as TermLink and QueryBuilder. We have a number of downloadable FlyBase 'Quick-Start' Guides, that cover the basics, as well as some of the new features. Finally, if you're not only new to FlyBase but also new to flies, we have a short selection of links to introductory and educational sites.

We have published a number of papers on the use of Controlled Vocabulary terms in FlyBase. Please see our 2009 paper for information on the use of the Gene Ontology in FlyBase and our 2006 paper for the use of the anatomy ontology for queries and images.

Click here for our help documentation on GBrowse, with information on the different views and tracks available. We also have field-by-field help documentation for every report in FlyBase, all of which can be found here.

More help documentation can be found under the Documents and Help menu titles. If you still have questions, we have a forum site, where questions, job postings and meeting/course announcements can be posted, a Frequently Asked Questions document, plus our help mail tool, where you can ask a question directly to FlyBase curators and developers.

For more detailed information about the internal workings of FlyBase, please see the following selected publications:

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A list of all FlyBase publications can be found here.