FB2016_04, released July 28, 2016

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Search using high-throughput RNA-seq expression data

High-throughput RNA-seq expression data from modENCODE are now in the FlyBase database, and you can use these data to power incisive searches. Interested in development of the central nervous system? Search for genes that are expressed in these tissues during a specific developmental stage. Curious how toxins affect the fly reproductive system? Search for genes expressed in fly gonads that are activated (or suppressed) by exposure to Paraquat or Rotenone.

The High-Throughput Expression Profile search tool gives you fine-grained control over expression conditions across several variables. Choose datasets for expression by stage, tissue, treatments, or cell lines, or use several datasets in conjunction. Each dataset is presented in a form that allows you to select either narrow slices of the data, or larger sections for more coverage. You also have control over the levels of expression used in the search.

Keep in mind that extremely narrow search conditions may produce sparse or empty result sets. Feel free to experiment; the tool will remember your settings so that you can adjust, instead of needing to re-enter them. Search results can be exported, as usual, for further analysis or download.