FB2016_03, released May 24, 2016

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Feature Mapper Tool

With our FB2012_06 release we offer a new tool for genomic analysis, Feature Mapper. This tool can be accessed through our Tools menu (Genomic/Map submenu).

Feature mapper will take a sequence of interest and search for mapped features that overlap with that sequence. Mapped features are such things as transcription factor binding sites, insulators, and point mutations. Multiple sequences can be searched at the same time.

You, the user, define the sequences to be searched. You can search using gene symbols (or CG or FBgn identifiers) or sequence ranges. Then, select whether you want to search the extent of your landmark(s) or a certain sequence length up- or down-stream of the landmark(s).

We hope you find this new tool useful.