FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

GBrowse glitches and Help email service disruptions

Dear FlyBase Users,

At the same time as FlyBase's migration to the D. melanogaster genome assembly release_6 (FB2014_04, July 2014), FlyBase completely moved our genome viewer from GBrowse_1 to GBrowse_2. There are some enhanced features of GBrowse_2 that warranted this migration, most notably that all D. melanogaster genome features could be made available through a single menu and that the tracks could be shifted vertically by dragging and dropping.

However, over the last few weeks, there have been sporadic failures of GBrowse_2. These failures resulted in poor performance and inability of some GBrowse_2 tracks to load. There were also issues with following certain links from reports and other locations on our site into GBrowse_2. These issues have been resolved as of Monday August 11th and GBrowse_2 has been fully functional since then.

If you encounter GBrowse problems, first, please try clearing your cache and cookies that correspond to the flybase.org domain (instructions at https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic). If after doing so, you continue to encounter problems, please contact us by clicking the Contact FlyBase link at the bottom of every page (http://flybase.org/cgi-bin/mailto-fbhelp.html).

In addition to the GBrowse issues, we coincidently had an unrelated failure with our help mail that resulted in the loss of 22 help mails between August 6th and 9th. If you contacted us during this period and are still awaiting a response, please resend your message.

Thank you for your understanding and your continued support of FlyBase.

With our best wishes,

The FlyBase Team