FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Help us generate a worldwide community advisory group for FlyBase

You may not know that FlyBase is generated by a team of 30 people, working at Harvard, Indiana, New Mexico and Cambridge Universities. As the members of the FlyBase team work to improve the amount and usefulness of data in FlyBase, numerous questions arise regarding which data are the most important for Drosophila researchers and how we can most usefully present these data on the website. While we have done our best to make changes that will be optimal for all Drosophila researchers, we would like to be able to consult more widely so that we are sure that our decisions will be helpful for the greatest number of people. We are therefore setting up a FlyBase Community Advisory Group, with the aim of having a representative from every lab that uses Drosophila data in their research.

Even if Drosophila is not your main model organism, or if you only use FlyBase occasionally, we would still encourage you to give us feedback on how to improve FlyBase for your research group. We hope to get a mix of lab heads, postdocs, students and research assistants/technicians. Our plan is to contact the members of the advisory group approximately six times a year with various types of queries.

Registering for the advisory group is easy: the nominated person should just click on the link below to fill in the registration form. We then get in touch with the registered participants with more information.


If you have any questions or problems click here to go to our contact FlyBase form and choose the subject ‘FlyBase Community Advisory Group’.