FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

Gene 2 Function

The DRSC and FlyBase announce the release of Gene2Function (G2F). The primary goal of G2F is to facilitate the development of new hypotheses regarding the function of a given gene based on what is known about the function of orthologs of that gene in other species. At G2F, you can search with a gene to get a big-picture view of conservation of the gene among common genetic model organisms, how well-studied those orthologs are (e.g. number of publications, gene ontology terms and interactions), and more. A search with a disease term first lets you refine the disease term, then lets you view a list of genes associated with the disease. The genes are then linked to the same kind of big-picture overview of orthologs that result from a gene search.

Read more about G2F on our Help page.

Try the tool online at www.gene2function.org; or use the "G2F" icon in the left panel on the FlyBase home page under "Multi-species mining:", which provides a direct link from FlyBase to Gene2Function.

To provide feedback, please use the DRSC online tool bug report form. Or post a comment to the FlyBase Forum.