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Contributed movies

Turner, Kaufmann, Giacoletti, Macri and Kaufman
Fly development movies (embryogenesis)
Ji, Hurley, Schubiger, Squirrell and White
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embryogenesis.mpg is a cartoon version of embryogenesis using images from The Atlas of Drosophila Development by Volker Hartenstein, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (1993).

gastrulation-lateral.mpg, gastrulation-ventral.mpg, gastrulation-dorsal.mpg, and head-involution.mpg are animations of gastrulation in wild-type embryos generated from scanning electron micrographs.

ftz-gastrulation.mpg and bcd-gastrulation.mpg are animations of gastrulation in ftz and bcd mutant embryos, respectively.

Still images were morphed together using commercially available software packages and Power MacIntosh hardware. Both Morph and Elastic Reality were used with roughly comparable results. The 'Morphing' was done by Jeff Giacoletti and Chris Macri. The movies are 240x180 jpeg compressed and play at a rate of 15 frames per second. They should be viewable using standard movie play applications.