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Profile Manager Help

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a profile?
A profile provides a way to save the open and closed state of sections for any report. You can save multiple profiles and change between them by selecting them in the Profile Manager drop down list.
What are the browser requirements?
Any browser that was released within the last 3 years should work. You also need to have cookies and javascript enabled.
How do I setup a profile?
  1. Click the report section titles to open and close the desired sections.
  2. Type in a profile name in the Profile Manager input box at the top of the report.
  3. Click the Save button.
  4. Rinse and repeat.
How do I delete a profile?
  1. Select the name of the profile you wish to delete by selecting it from the drop down menu or by typing it in.
  2. Click the Delete button.
  3. When prompted to delete your profile click "Ok".
What does the Backup button do (also known as the profile backup bookmark)?
The primary purpose of this button is to allow you to restore your profiles if your browser cookies are deleted. It will NOT restore profiles that were removed with the Delete button. To use it, follow these steps BEFORE your browser cookies are deleted.
  1. Find the Backup button in the profile manager tool near the top of the page. If you don't see this button it means that you haven't started using the profile manager yet or you have deleted your cookies.
  2. Right click the image (Ctrl click on a Mac) and select "Bookmark this link" or "Add to favorites".
  3. That is it!

If you should ever lose your profiles simply load this bookmark in your browser to restore them.
Can I copy my profiles to other browsers and/or computers using the Backup button?
Yes, follow the steps above but instead of bookmarking the link select "Copy link location" or "Copy shortcut". You can then paste this link into another browser to load your profiles on that browser.

Please be aware that every browser you load your profiles on will have full read and write access to your profiles.

Also, performing these actions on a browser that is being used by another Profile Manager user, will remove their profiles from the browser. Please backup their profiles before wiping out their settings.
I have setup my profiles on multiple browsers and when I add or delete a profile on one browser I don't see the changes in my other browser(s).
To resolve this issue visit any report page using the browser on which you don't see the changes. Now click on the Backup button and you are done. The next time you reload a report page your list of profiles should now match what you have on both browsers. Repeat this on each browser as necessary.
Do I need to bookmark my profiles again if I change my profile in any way?
What does the 'no profile' option do?
If you don't have any profiles setup the report pages will remember what sections you have open or closed so that when you move between different reports (e.g. gene reports) you don't have to open the same sections again. Once you start using the profile manager the report pages only load the current profile and no longer remember which sections you have open or closed after the profile is loaded. The 'no profile' option will revert the reports back to this behavior.
Can you use the same profile on different reports (e.g. genes and insertions)?
Yes, profiles can span reports of different types. To do this, follow the same steps outlined in the "How do I setup a profile?" FAQ above. After you've setup the profile in one report move to the second report and configure that report however you would like to have it. Before clicking Save be sure that the profile name used in the first report is selected. There is no limit on the number of data classes your profile can span.
I deleted my profiles can you restore them for me?
If you deleted them with the Delete button we cannot restore your profiles.

If your profiles disappeared by some other means and you have saved your profiles using our profile backup bookmark you can restore them using your bookmark. See above for details.

If you have not bookmarked your profiles they are lost and you will have to recreate them from scratch.
Are you using cookies to spy on me?
No. The only information we store on our servers are the profile names and the sections you have opened for each profile. No information that can be used to identify you (IP, Browser type, etc...) is stored on our servers. Additionally, this information will never be shared with 3rd parties and will only be used to help us improve the design of our reports.
Why do you store profile names and the sections I've opened on your servers?
This approach was taken because all browsers have technical limitations that would have crippled the usefulness of this service.
I don't see my profiles, where did they go?
You have most likely deleted cookies, moved computers, or are using a different browser on the same computer. The profile system utilizes cookies in your browser to keep track of your settings. If you delete cookies from your browser, change to a different computer, or have swtiched to using another browser then you will have to reconfigure all your profiles. Alternatively, if you used our profile backup button you can use this to restore your profiles or load them on another browser and/or computer. See the FAQ on the profile backup button for details.
The report page doesn't remember which sections I've opened or closed anymore!
If you or someone else on your computer has saved a profile on your browser the report will no longer keep track of which sections are toggled unless they are saved to a profile. If you would like to revert back to this behavior please choose the "no profile" option from the Profile Manager drop down list.
The buttons at the top of the report look funny?
Your browser may have cached an old version of the report. Please try to clear your browser cache. On some browsers you can do this by holding down the Control key (Command on Mac) while clicking the reload button. For other browsers please see your help documentation or look here.