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FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

The FB2009_01 release

The FB2009_01 release includes an overview of the precomputed files generated by FlyBase, and several new ways to view molecularly localized aberrations, including by entire arm or chromosome.

In GBrowse a new view is available that shows molecularly localized genes and aberrations. To select this view choose "Drosophila aberrations" from the "Data Source" menu in the main GBrowse window. It allows you to view aberrations up to 3Mb in size, and will also display the location of transposon insertion sites when you look at an interval of less than 300Kb.


Aberrations that delete the entire interval displayed are referred to as "Spanning Aberrations" and hovering over the dark red line produces a table listing these aberrations. Hyperlinks within the table allow you to navigate to the report on each aberration.


When you place your mouse over an aberration an alphabetical list of all the genes predicted to be affected by the aberration (deleted or truncated) appears. Clicking on the aberration will take you to the FlyBase report page for the aberration. Similarly, hovering over a gene or transposon insertion site displays information about it, and clicking on it takes you to the corresponding report.


Aberration Maps for Arms and Chromosomes

Images showing all molecularly localized aberrations and genes by arm or chromosome are also availabe from the Aberration Maps page listed in the Tools menu. The links on the page take you to the left end of the arm or chromosome, and the entire extent can be viewed by scrolling to the right. Like the new GBrowse view, information about an aberration or gene can be obtained by hovering over it. Clicking on a cytological band produces a list of all the insertions, genes, and aberrations predicted to affect the band, including ones that are not molecularly localized, ordered by position along the chromsome. A copy of the images of the arms and chromosomes can be downloaded from the aberrations section of the precomputed files page.

Deficiency Maps in Aberration Reports

Each FlyBase report describing one of the Df()ED, Df()Exel, Df()BSC and Df()FDD class of aberrations contains an image showing the genes predicted to be uncovered by the aberration, and overlapping or neighbouring molecularly localized aberrations. Clicking on a gene or aberration will take you to the appropriate report. You can also move to the new GBrowse view of the molecularly localized aberrations by clicking on the "GBrowse" link listed on the left hand side of the picture.