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Add A Paper to FlyBase

FlyBase has developed a data submission tool that you can use to add information to the web site. The Publication Submission tool allows you to enter a publication in the FlyBase bibliography, to create associations between a publication and one or more genes, and to provide additional information about a publication’s content to help prioritize the paper for full curation. By using this tool you help yourself and FlyBase by assuring a publication that you care about will appear in the relevant FlyBase Gene Reports as soon as possible.

To reach this tool choose "Add A Paper" from the "Tools" menu in the FlyBase menu bar. You will initially be shown an overview of the steps involved in making a submission and be provided with data entry fields for the first step. The steps you will be guided through are: identify yourself, identify the publication, identify genes in the publication, optionally provide additional information, confirm your submission.


A publication is best found by searching with first author surname and year of publication. The publication is selected by following a hyperlink. If the publication is not known to FlyBase you will be asked to manually enter a citation for the publication instead.


Genes are best found by searching with symbols, can be searched for in batch and are selected by ticking the appropriate checkbox. If the gene is not known to FlyBase you will be asked to enter the name and symbol manually.


Additional information can be provided by ticking the appropriate checkbox for statements that are true about a publication. Doing this step helps FlyBase prioritize the paper for full curation.


After confirming your submission it will be reviewed by a FlyBase curator, loaded into our central database within one week of submission and should appear on the FlyBase web site within eight weeks of submission.