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Mapped Features Reorganized

The "Mapped Features & Mutations" section of the gene report pages, which is found under the "Gene Model & Products" heading, has been renamed and reorganized in the FB2009_03 release. This section is now called "Mapped Features" and contains only information on wild-type features associated with the gene, such as regulatory regions and regulatory protein binding sites. The data on characterized mutations and other sequence variants (including rescue fragments) have been moved to the "Mutations Mapped to the Genome" section of the report for the allele associated with the molecular lesion; the sequence coordinates of aberration breakpoints have been moved to the relevant aberration report; and sequence location data for transgenic insertions are now presented in the insertion report. All mapped features may be viewed in GBrowse by toggling the "Select All" option for "Mapped features"; precise coordinates and comments are included in the GBrowse html table option.