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Improvements to QueryBuilder

QueryBuilder (QB) provides the most powerful way to search FlyBase on a field-by-field level. We have recently made it easier to select a field to search, revised the documentation to include more hints and tips, and most importantly added QueryTemplates to this powerful tool, which allows you to run pre-existing queries or modify them to suit your needs.

QueryBuilder field selection

Firstly, we have updated the sections where you select the field you wish to search. These are now formatted in the same style as the analogous pages in the batch download tool. In both tools the fields are organized in a similar style and order as that seen in FlyBase report pages.  We hope that this will make it easier for you to select the appropriate field you want to search.

Secondly, we have updated the help documentation for QB to make the various options for searching clearer and to provide some hints and tips for searching.

QueryBuilder templates

Finally, we have added QueryTemplates, a whole new entrance point to QB. QueryTemplates are designed for users who may be unfamiliar with designing QB queries. The templates provide examples of (commonly used) queries that you may wish to run that pertain to many of the different data types. They can be used as written to carry out the specified search or can be easily modified to perform  similar searches.

The available templates are organized by data type/output. To see the list of templates related to a given class of data, choose the data class of interest from the pull-down menu on the left. A list of pre- constructed query templates will appear on the right-hand side and a data class-specific list of 'keywords' will appear on the left. The list of templates can be further refined by selecting one or more of the keywords. Only the templates containing the chosen keywords will remain. To return to the complete set of templates for a given data class, just de-select the chosen keywords.

When you find a template that matches or is similar to your query of interest, click on the button to the left of the template. This will bring you to a Query Builder page with the specified query set up and ready to run. To modify the parameters to exactly match your own query specifications, use the green 'Edit' tabs present in each segment of the query. Modify the search terms as desired, click 'Finish Editing', and then select 'Run Query'.

And don't forget the 'Store This Query' button.  If you have built a clever and useful query you can save the instructions that QB needs to redo that query on your computer and re-use it by choosing to 'Import a saved query' from the QB home page.

We hope you find the QueryTemplates useful. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions to improve QueryBuilder or indeed any of the other tools on FlyBase.