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2013 National Drosophila Board of Directors election

Dear Drosophila researcher,

It is time to cast your vote for new members of the National Drosophila Board of Directors. As you are likely aware, the Board plays an important role for the Drosophila research community, so please take a few seconds to learn about the Board and participate in this election. The Board's duties include: overseeing community resource centers and addressing other research and resource issues that affect the Drosophila research community. The Board also administers the finances for the annual North America Drosophila Research Conference and its associated awards, and it chooses the organizers and the site of the annual meeting. The Board consists of nine regional representatives, eight from the U.S. and one from Canada, who serve 3-year terms, as well as a representative for primarily undergraduate institutions. It also has three elected officers including a President, a President-Elect and a Treasurer. In addition, the Board has ex officio members, who represent Drosophila community resource centers or international Drosophila communities. For more information about the Board and the summaries of the annual Board meetings see:


This year we are electing the President-elect, who will serve as President starting with the fly meeting in 2014. We are also electing a Treasurer and representatives for the Mid-Atlantic and California regions as well as foreign representatives, who will all serve 3-year terms starting with the fly meeting in April 2013.

Please participate in this election. It is your opportunity to choose the individuals who will help set priorities and garner support for community resources. In order to record your vote please go to the following URL and follow the instructions on that page:

Vote here

Please remember you may vote for candidates in ALL categories even though you do not reside in the region represented by the candidates. Balloting will end January 15, 2013.

Thank you,
Drosophila Board Election Committee
Denise Montell (Chair)
David Bilder
DJ Pan
Laurel Raftery