FB2017_02, released April 18, 2017

A Database of Drosophila Genes & Genomes

GenBank Release corresponding to FlyBase release 5.48

An update to the Drosophila melanogaster annotations was published by NCBI in January 2013. This update is reflected in GenBank (Jan 3), RefSeq (Jan 16), and Entrez Gene (Jan 17) records. This GenBank release corresponds to release 5.48 of the D. melanogaster genome annotation except for the changes noted below. We plan to continue to submit D. melanogaster annotation updates to NCBI approximately once a year. Exceptions to this timetable will occur when the assembly of the reference D. melanogaster genome is updated and annotations are migrated onto the new assembly.

Differences between the January 2013 GenBank annotations and those in release 5.48 of FlyBase:

  1. The following transcript isoforms are not present in the GenBank submission and were subsequently deleted in annotation release 5.49 of Dmel in FlyBase as genbank validation and curator evaluation determined they were not valid models:
    • CG17273-RB
    • CG6044-RF
    • su(f)-RH
  2. The following protein isoforms (and their transcripts) were deleted from the Genbank submission and a new isoform (listed) was created due to inadvertently introduced annotation errors that were subsequently corrected and are also reflected in release 5.49 of Dmel in FlyBase:
    • CG14869-PD deleted - CG14869-PE created
    • CG43248-PB deleted - CG43248-PC created
    • CG8564-PB deleted - CG8564-PC created
    • RhoGAP18B-PG deleted - RhoGAP18B-PH created
  3. The following protein isoforms (and their transcripts) were renamed respectively in the GenBank submission and subsequent FlyBase releases as the listed suffix had been previously used for a different isoform in a previous GenBank submission:
    • CG8290-PC renamed to CG8290-PD
    • CG9314-PB renamed CG9314-PC
    • CG9855-PB renamed to CG9855-PC
    • Pcmt-PB renamed Pcmt-PC
    • cas-PB renamed cas-PC
    • alien-PC renamed alien-PD
    • numb-PC renamed numb-PD
    • CG30020-PB renamed CG30020-PC
    • Su(dx)-PD renamed Su(dx)-PF
    • Fbp1-PC renamed Fbp1-PD
    • Qtzl-PB renamed Qtzl-PC
    • (CG32758-PB) renamed CG32758-PC
    • CG8908-PC renamed CG8908-PE
    • grp-PE renamed grp-PF
    • CG31710-PB renamed CG31710-PD
    • Sur-8-PC renamed Sur-8-PE
    • Sur-8-PD renamed Sur-8-PF
    • CG13135-PB renamed CG13135-PC
    • CG31139-PB renamed CG31139-PC
    • CG1340-PB renamed CG1340-PC
    • Syt14-PB renamed Syt14-PD
    • toy-PB renamed toy-PC
    • Tm2-PD renamed Tm2-PF
    • Uba1-PB renamed Uba1-PC
    • bun-PI renamed bun-PO
    • CG2614-PB renamed CG2614-PC
    • dik-PB renamed dik-PC
    • CG17724-PC renamed CG17724-PE
    • CG11714-PB renamed CG11714-PC
    • CG12788-PB renamed CG12788-PD