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In Memoriam: Alexandre Peixoto

Alexandre Afranio Peixoto was a Brazilian scientist who unexpectedly passed away in a tragic accident in early February. Alexandre did his PhD with Charalambus Kyriacou and his Postdoc with Jeff Hall, working with circadian rhythms and courtship song in Drosophila. He was an international HHMI recipient and a leading investigator at Fiocruz, where he investigated circadian rhythms and courtship song in vectors of tropical diseases. He will be sorely missed by his students, Postdocs and friends.

More information about Alexandre:
http://www.hhmi.org/research/international/peixoto.html (in English)
http://www.sbmt.org.br/site/corpo_texto/771#.USEHnqVJPEM (in Portuguese)

A more detailed obituary (in Portuguese):