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Muller Element Arm Synteny Table

This table shows the syntenic relationships among the arms of the 12 sequenced genomes. We have incorporated into the table a view of the phylogenetic relationships of the species, their standard chromosomal numbering and the corresponding Muller element. It should be noted that there is not a simple one to one correspondence for all of the species chromosome arms and a single Muller element. This lack of correspondence is associated with three identified fusion and/or inversion events that reassociate all or portions of arms/elements in five of the species relative to D. melanogaster.
Muller Synteny table

*In D. erecta and D. yakuba there is a shared pericentric inversion at the base of the B.C element (2L.2R in D. melanogaster). Thus relative to D. melanogaster the B and C elements are now mixed from telomere to centromere. The new order is B/C and C/B.

**In D. pseudoobscura, and D. persimilis the A and D elements are fused to form a metacentric X or first (1) chromosome from the X and autosomal 3L arms of D. melanogaster. In addition to this fusion there is a small pericentric inversion or transposition of material from the base of the A element to the base of the D element. It is unclear whether there is a reciprocal movement of D material into the base of A.

***In D. willistoni there is a fusion of the F element into the proximal end of the E element. Thus there is no dot chromosome in this species and the new order is E/F. Note that D. willistoni has a similar if not identical A/D fusion as that seen in D. pseudoobscura and D. persimilis. However it does not show the A => D inversion/transposition.