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This gene article is a stub. It has been seeded with the automatically generated summary from FlyBase release FB2013_02. Please help improve this summary by logging in and editing it.

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Symbol Dmel\CG33964
Species Drosophila melanogaster
Annotation symbol CG33964
FlyBase ID FBgn0053964

This gene is referred to in FlyBase by the symbol Dmel\CG33964 (FBgn0053964). It is a protein_coding_gene from Drosophila melanogaster. Its molecular function is unknown. The biological processes in which it is involved are not known. One allele is reported. No phenotypic data is available. It has one annotated transcript and one annotated polypeptide. Protein features are: Methyltransferase domain. Summary of modENCODE Temporal Expression Profile: Temporal profile ranges from a peak of moderate expression to a trough of very low expression. Peak expression observed within 06-12 hour embryonic stages. This gene is annotated by FlyBase as a dicistronic gene, meaning that some or all of its transcripts encode two or more polypeptide-coding open reading frames (ORFs) , with each ORF assigned to a different gene. The distribution of RNA-Seq coverage data amongst the different encoded genes cannot be determined. Summary of FlyAtlas Anatomical Expression Data: Two or more Affy2 ProbeSets identify exons of this gene. This is a summary of the tissue expression peaks exhibited in at least one of these ProbeSets. Expression in all larval and adult organs/tissues ranges from low to undetected. Expression at moderate levels in the following post-embryonic organs or tissues: larval trachea, adult ovary. Gene sequence location is 2R:8070144..8073011.


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