Abel et al., 1992, Genes Dev. 6(3): 466--480

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Abel et al., 1992, Genes Dev. 6(3): 466--480
FlyBase Identifier FBrf0056139
FlyBase URL http://flybase.org/reports/FBrf0056139.html
Publication Type paper
Publication Year 1992
PubMed ID 1532159
PubMed URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1532159


A Drosophila CREB/ATF transcriptional activator binds to both fat body- and liver-specific regulatory elements.


We have identified a Drosophila transcription factor that binds to fat body-specific enhancers of alcohol dehydrogenase (Adh) and yolk protein genes. DNA sequence analysis of cDNA clones encoding this protein, box B-binding factor-2 (BBF-2), indicates that it is a member of the CREB/ATF family of transcriptional regulatory proteins. A number of observations suggest that BBF-2 is involved in fat body-specific expression: Mutations that disrupt BBF-2 binding to two different Adh fat body enhancers in vitro decrease the activity of these enhancers in transgenic flies. BBF-2 mRNA is present in all cell types examined, and the protein is present in cells that express ADH. Finally, BBF-2 is a transcriptional activator in Drosophila tissue culture cells. Remarkably, BBF-2 also binds specifically to regulatory elements required for liver-specific expression of the human Adh and rat tyrosine aminotransferase genes. Thus, BBF-2 and the DNA sequence to which it binds may be important components of a tissue-specific regulatory mechanism conserved between Drosophila and man.

Genes from Reference

Gene(s) Dmel\Adh
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