Adamson and Shearn, 1996, Genetics 144(2): 621--633

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Adamson and Shearn, 1996, Genetics 144(2): 621--633
FlyBase Identifier FBrf0090426
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Publication Type paper
Publication Year 1996
PubMed ID 8889525
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Molecular genetic analysis of Drosophila ash2, a member of the trithorax group required for imaginal disc pattern formation.


The ash2 gene is a member of the trithorax group of genes whose products function to maintain active transcription of homeotic selector genes. Mutations in ash2 cause the homeotic transformations expected for a gene in this group but, in addition, cause a variety of pattern formation defects that are not necessarily expected. The ash2 gene is located in cytogenetic region 96A17-19 flanked by slowpoke and tolloid and is included in a cosmid that contains part of slowpoke. The ash2 transcript is 2.0 kb and is present throughout development. The ASH2 protein predicted from the nucleotide sequence of the open reading frame has a putative double zinc-finger domain, called a PHD finger, that is present not only in the products of other trithorax group genes such as TRX and ASH1, but also in the product of a Polycomb group gene, PCL. Polyclonal antibodies directed against ASH2 detect the protein in imaginal discs and in the nuclei of salivary gland and fat body cells. On immunoblots these affinity-purified antibodies detect a 70-kDa protein in larvae and a 53-kDa protein in pupae.

Genes from Reference

Gene(s) Dmel\Antp
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