Adler, 2002, Dev. Cell 2(5): 525--535

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Adler, 2002, Dev. Cell 2(5): 525--535
FlyBase Identifier FBrf0148944
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Publication Type review
Publication Year 2002
PubMed ID 12015961
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Planar signaling and morphogenesis in Drosophila.


The regulatory mechanisms governing the parallel alignment of hairs, bristles, and ommatidia in Drosophila have all served as model systems for studying planar signaling and tissue level morphogenesis. Polarity in all three systems is mediated by the serpentine receptor Frizzled and a number of additional gene products. The localized accumulation of these proteins within cells plays a key role in the development of planar polarity. A comparison of the function of these gene products in the different cell types suggests cell-specific modifications of the pathway.

Genes from Reference

Gene(s) Dmel\Dl
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