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The following properties are used in the wiki but do not yet have a page for describing them.

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  1. Subcellular localization of bic-D (1 use)
  2. VP16 can mediate MARCM-independent binary transgene induction in mosaic organisms. The incorporation of LexA (1 use)
  3. ChAT), in Drosophila axons, lacks particulate features. It occurs for a brief period during the larval stages. In addition, both the endogenous ChAT and GFP (1 use)
  4. ChAT directly bind to the KLP64D tail, which is essential for the GFP (1 use)
  5. Bulk flow constitutes a substantial part of the slow transport of soluble proteins in axons. Though the underlying mechanism is unclear, evidences indicate that intermittent, kinesin-based movement of large protein-aggregates aids this process. Choline ac (1 use)
  6. In Drosophila, imaginal wing discs, Wg and Dpp, play important roles in the development of sensory organs. These secreted growth factors govern the positions of sensory bristles by regulating the expression of achaete-scute (ac-sc), genes affecting neuron (1 use)
  7. GAD into MARCM, which we call dual-expression-control MARCM, permits the induction of distinct transgenes in different patterns among GAL80-minus cells in mosaic tissues. Lineage analysis with dual-expression-control MARCM suggested the presence of neurog (1 use)
  8. MARCM (mosaic analysis with a repressible cell marker) involves specific labeling of GAL80-minus and GAL4-positive homozygous cells in otherwise heterozygous tissues. Here we demonstrate how the concurrent use of two independent binary transcriptional sys (1 use)

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