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D. melanogaster
Compound (1) Reversed Metacentric
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C(1)RM, +.+; two X chromosomes in normal sequence attached proximally to the same centromere

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Recombination with the Y chromosome leads to detachments with a frequency of about 10-3 in C(1)RM/Y females. Has been extensively used in studies of crossing over (e.g., Anderson, 1925, Genetics 10: 403-17; Beadle and Emerson, 1935, Genetics 20: 192-206; Welshons, 1955, Genetics 40: 918-36).

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L. V. Morgan, 12th Feb. 1921.


Recurs regularly by exchange between the heterochromatin of the short arm of one X, XYS, or XYL that of the base of the long arm of a sister or homolog. Can be induced in mature X.YL -bearing sperm (Leigh, 1972, DIS 48: 107). Presumably the pericentric heterochromatic constitutions of independently arising C(1)RM chromosomes varies.

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Attached X chromosomes homozygous for various w alleles were used to study dosage compensation of w.

Exists with many combinations of markers.

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Compound (1) Reversed Metacentric
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