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General Information
D. melanogaster
Deficiency (1) silver
FlyBase ID
Feature type
Computed Breakpoints include
Sequence coordinates
X:1..258,469 (Df(1)svr:bk1)
X:635,019..660,484 (Df(1)svr:bk2)
Member of large scale dataset(s)
Nature of Aberration
Cytological Order
Class of aberration (relative to wild type)
Causes alleles
Carries alleles
Transposon Insertions
Formalized genetic data

bk1 << l(1)1Aj << RpL36 << bk2 << su(s)

Genetic mapping information

The X:1..258469 release 6 coordinates of the left breakpoint are estimates. The left extent corresponds to the left X tip, because Df(1)svr is likely a terminal deletion. The right extent corresponds to the right end of cin, which published results say is deleted.

The X:635019..660484 release 6 coordinates of the right breakpoint are estimates. The left extent corresponds to the leftmost end of a PCR primer pair flanking the insertion site of P{EPgy2}DreddEY08404 from Table S1 of FBrf0212582, which did not amplify a DNA segment from Df(1)svr in tests at the Bloomington Stock Center. The right extent corresponds to the estimated position of the left end of polytene band 1C1, because published cytologies indicate the breakpoint lies to the left of this band.

Comments on Cytology

Deletion of 16/17 bands.

Right break is to the right of 1B9--1B10.

Limits of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0005951) Left limit of break 2 from inclusion of l(1)1Bi (FBrf0086390) Right limit of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0042241)

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Protein sequence
Gene Deletion and Duplication Data
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Genes NOT Deleted / Disrupted
Genes Duplicated
Complementation Data
Completely duplicated
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Molecular Data
Completely duplicated
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Complementation Data
Molecular Data
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Phenotypic Data
In combination with other aberrations

Df(1)svr/Df(1)N19 double heterozygous females have reduced viability; only 30% survive compared to control flies. Viability is recovered if the Df(1)svr/Df(1)N19 females also carry SxlM1. The viability of Df(1)svr/Df(1)RA2 or Df(1)svr/+ female progeny derived from a cross between Df(1)RA2/+ females and Df(1)svr/Y males is severely reduced.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Mutant embryos have about 72 cells in each Malpighian tubule cell (as opposed to about 125 in wild-type). The addition of btl::EgfrScer\UAS.T:λ\cI-DD has no effect on the Df(1)svr Malpighian tubule phenotype.

Acts as a dosage sensitive maternal modifier of run : causes tergite defects in greater than 65% of run3 heterozygotes. Shows a dominant Minute phenotype: short fine bristles, delayed development and reduced viability.

Females heterozygous for Df(1)N19 that are derived from daunspecified/+ mothers show reduced viability at 29oC.

Df(1)svr/N55e11 mutants show substantial rescue of both the cuticular and muscle phenotypes of N55e11 embryos. The cuticle has expanded both in the anteroposterior and in the dorsoventral axes, although there is still no sign of denticle belts. Muscle phenotype shows many of the fibres are oriented and attached in a clearly patterned fashion. At the ventral margins of the cuticular shield the muscles appear disorganised with unfused fibres.

Hemizygous embryos were examined with polarised light microscopy and antibody staining: muscle pattern incomplete due to muscle absences and detachments.

Embryos show missing elements in the CNS pattern.

Heterozygous females exhibit reduced viability and fertility.

All es and most of the nd neurons are removed, ch neurons are not affected. Neurons are more disorganized in the ventral region.

Lethal in homozygous and hemizygous condition.

Flies show frequent absence of the postvertical, orbital and abdominal bristles.

Embryonic lethal abnormal development of nervous system and cell lethal (Ripoll and Garcia-Bellido).

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Notes on Origin

L.V. Morgan, 31st Oct. 1939

L.V. Morgan.

Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
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Deficiency (1) silver
Deficiency(1)silver L. V. Morgan
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