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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Formalized genetic data

sim << bk1 << ninaB << bk2 << l(3)04449

Genetic mapping information

Breakpoint(s) molecularly mapped

Molecular coordinates of proximal breakpoint between -129 and -115 (Spierer et al., 1983).

Comments on Cytology

Ref: Hilliker et al., 1980, Genetics 95(1): 95--110

Left limit of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0028767) Right limit of break 1 from polytene analysis (FBrf0099762) Left limit of break 2 from polytene analysis (FBrf0028767) Right limit of break 2 from non-inclusion of l(3)04449 (FBrf0099762)

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Gene Deletion and Duplication Data
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Completely duplicated
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Affected Genes Inferred by Location
    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations

    Does not suppress variegation of the w gene seen in In(1)wm4 animals.

    Suppresses the position effect variegation of ry seen in In(3R)ryps11136.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    One copy of Df(3R)l26c strongly suppresses position effect variegation (PEV) at the w locus caused by In(1)wm4.

    One copy of Df(3R)l26c weakly suppresses the telomeric position effect (TPE) in stocks carrying a variegating P{hsp26-pt-T}39C-5 insertion at the telomere of the left arm of chromosome two.

    When P{P-Sal}Pak3P-Sal is present, the w gene of the P{lacW}Dplac insertion variegates, resulting (in a w- background) in an eye that is mostly white with a few patches of red ommatidia. This P-element-dependent silencing of P{lacW}Dplac is dominantly suppressed by Df(3R)l26c.

    The Df(3R)l26c chromosome does not act as a dominant suppressor of telomeric silencing (assayed using the effect of the chromosome on the eye colour phenotype of flies carrying "P{wvar}KR3-2", a stable "brown-red" variant of the P{3'WP-2,wvar}2Lt insertion).

    Homozygous embryos have head defects and dorsal posterior holes in the cuticle.

    Enhances haltere phenotype of Ubx9.22/+. Suppresses haltere phenotype of Ubx195/+.

    Failure of dorsal closure.

    Stocks (3)
    Notes on Origin

    Chovnick. Gelbart.

    Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
    Separable Components
    Other Comments

    sqdj6E3 is fully viable over both Df(3R)urd and Df(3R)l26c. Fertility of Df/sqdj6E3 adults was not tested.

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