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D. melanogaster
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wm4h, In(1)wm4h
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    In combination with other aberrations

    The position effect variegation (PEV) at the w locus seen in the In(1)wm4h chromosome is suppressed if males are also carrying one of Df(Y)l-481, Df(Y)l-498, Df(Y)l-510 or Df(Y)l-473.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    Variegated w expression that can be suppressed by Su(var)2-1 mutations.

    w variegation leads to clones of phenotypically wild-type cells in a mutant background. This phenotype is suppressed by crmsa.

    The presence of a single copy of Mow mutation significantly increases the amount of pigment in both males and females, both MowEMS and Mowgamma suppress position effect variegation.

    Mottled eye phenotype.

    Males exhibit a mottled eye phenotype. Variegation is enhanced by E2f1164.

    Variegation at the w locus caused by In(1)wm4h is enhanced by Su(var)3-7hs.PCa or Su(var)3-7hs.PCb, even in the absence of heat shock.

    Position effect variegation of w is moderately suppressed by mutations of Rm62. Suppression by allele of Rm62 is additive, heteroallelic escapers are more strongly suppressed than heterozygotes.

    Males display a variegated eye phenotype, red spots are clones of cells expressing the w gene and white spots are w inactivation due to heterochromatinisation. Males also heterozygous for Trl13C the eye colour is almost white, indicated a more frequent inactivation of the w gene.

    Intermediate variegating line. Eyes show strong white mottling with red patches on a white background.

    eyes strongly variegated

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    This is simply a line of In(1)wm4 selected for strong variegation of w.

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