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General Information
D. melanogaster
Inversion (2LR) Second Multiple
FlyBase ID
Feature type
Computed Breakpoints include


Sequence coordinates
2L:1,586,840..1,586,840 (In(2LR)SM1:bk1)
2R:24,117,046..24,117,046 (In(2LR)SM1:bk2)
Member of large scale dataset(s)
Nature of Aberration
Cytological Order

2Lt - 22A3 | 60B - 58B1 | 42A3 - 58A4 | 42A2 - 34A1 | 22D2 - 33F5 | 22D1 - 22B1 | 60C - 2Rt

Class of aberration (relative to wild type)
Class of aberration (relative to progenitor)


Carries alleles
Transposon Insertions
Formalized genetic data

S << bk1 << bk2 << Pin

Genetic mapping information

The 5' (distal) end of this breakpoint corresponds to 2L:1 ,586,840 and the 3' (proximal) end corresponds to 2L:1 ,586,845 (release 6 coordinates), meaning that 4bp of genomic sequence is deleted at this breakpoint.

The 5' (proximal) end of this breakpoint corresponds to 2R:24 ,117,046 and the 3' (distal) end corresponds to 2R:24 ,117,059 (release 6 coordinates), meaning that 12bp of genomic sequence is deleted at this breakpoint.

Comments on Cytology

All limits from polytene analysis (FBrf0026367)

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    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations
    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    This chromosome enhances PEV.

    The pericentric inversion, In(2LR)22A3-B1;60B-C, enhances balancing power of In(2L)Cy + In(2R)Cy since it causes the single crossover between the two Cy inversions to yield complementary products that are dominant lethal. Heterozygote shows interchromosomal effect; used to increase crossing-over and gene conversion in ry region (Chovnick, Ballantine and Holm, 1971, Genetics 69: 179-209); also causes non-disjunction of compound autosomes (Lindsley and Grell, 1969).

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    Notes on Origin

    Induced on: In(2L)Cy In(2R)Cy.

    Balancer / Genotype Variants of the Aberration
    Separable Components
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    Inversion (2LR) Second Multiple
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