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D. melanogaster
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Historically important set of X;Y translocation stocks; few of these stocks still extant.

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Three euchromatic bands visible in salivary chromosomes (FBrf0013322). Prophase chromosomes show the presence of an extra Hoechst-bright segment (BSXh) appended to the end of YL and separated from it by a non-fluorescent junction gap (BSXhj) (FBrf0039037).

A Y chromosome with its long arm marked terminally with BS.

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    In combination with other aberrations

    No defect in the gross morphology of distal legs is seen when Df(1)B clones are induced in flies carrying Dp(1;Y)BS.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    Causes extreme B phenotype; presence readily scorable in +/+, B/+ and + but not in B or B/B constitutions. Viability and fertility of X/Dp(1;Y)BS, X/Dp(1;Y)BS/Dp(1;Y)BS and X/X/Dp(1;Y)BS good. Eyes of X/Dp(1;Y)BS detectably wider than those of X/Dp(1;Y)BS/Dp(1;Y)BS.

    Good viability and normal disjunction from an X chromosome in the male.

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    Notes on Origin

    X ray induced deletion of the euchromatin (including mal+) from a recombinant carrying the left end of the XP4D element of T(1;4)BS = T(1;4)15F9-16A1;16A7-B1;102F and the right end of XYL.YS.

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