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D. melanogaster
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Ends-out homologous recombination has resulted in 1.1kb comprising the "mir-309" cluster containing eight miRNA genes (mir-6-3, mir-6-2, mir-6-1, mir-5, mir-4, mir-286, mir-3 and mir-309) being replaced with a Avic\GFP marker.

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    In combination with other aberrations

    Df(2R)mir-309-6Δ1/Df(2R)ED3728 animals show partial lethality. Df(2R)mir-309-6Δ1/Df(2R)ED3728 embryos show a significant increase in primordial germ cell number compared to controls.

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    Homozygotes show partial lethality. Homozygous males and females are fertile.

    Homozygous Df(2R)mir-309-6Δ1 animals show a modest reduction in viability to adulthood. Homozygous Df(2R)mir-309-6Δ1 mutants show little or no reduction in the completion of embryogenesis compared to controls.

    Homozygotes complete embryogenesis with no apparent defects in patterning, but approximately 20% die as larvae at different larval stages. Some animals stop growing at the size of second instar larvae and arrest at this stage for a few days before dying. Approximately 80% of homozygotes survive to adulthood and are viable and fertile. The mutant animals show a developmental delay during larval stages.

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    mir-309-C delta 1
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