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General Information
D. melanogaster
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Computed Breakpoints include
Sequence coordinates
X:2,319,013..2,319,013 (Df(1)Ilp6:bk1)
X:2,334,655..2,334,655 (Df(1)Ilp6:bk2)
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~15.7 kb deletion resulting from FLP-catalyzed recombination using the FRT-containing transposons P{XP}phld01857 and PBac{WH}f01395.

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Phenotypic Data
In combination with other aberrations

Central nervous system neuroblasts of fed Df(1)Ilp6/Df(1)Ilp668 second instar larvae show a moderate reduction in EdU incorporation compared to controls.

Df(1)Ilp6, Df(1)dilp7 animals show the same phenotypes as Df(1)dilp7.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

Df(1)Ilp6 mutants do not exhibit defects in lipid droplet induction in larval oenocytes during starvation.

Df(1)Ilp6 homozygotes appear fully viable and fertile. They do not display alterations in developmental rate, and body size is only mildly reduced compared to controls. Df(1)Ilp6 homozygotes show similar levels of normalised whole body triglycerides and circulating sugar levels as wild-type animals. No significant difference in metabolic rate is observed between wild-type and homozygous Df(1)Ilp6 larvae.

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