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D. melanogaster
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Contains a fragment from chromosome arm 3L derived from the CH321-44C16 Pacman clone (which carries sequences spanning 3L;399145..473218, release 5). The following changes have been made to the genomic sequences; nucleotides 469261 to 470077 have been replaced with a gene conferring bacterial resistance to kanamycin (the deleted region contains almost the entire slx1 coding sequence, but does not overlap with MED31) and nucleotides 399284 to 438520 have been replaced with the bla gene that confers resistance to ampicillin. These sequences have been inserted into the P{CaryP}attP2 docking site on the 3rd chromosome.

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    Animals homozygous for a recombinant chromosome carrying both Df(3R)HKK1 and Dp(3;3)HKK2 are viable and fertile.

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