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D. melanogaster
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P-element mobilisation has resulted in a deletion between the two progenitor insertions P{lacW}ms(3)S125011bS125011b and P{lacW}P16C3 (which were located on the same progenitor chromosome). The 5' end of the inserted element in P{lacW}P16C3 (including the w+mC marker) and the 3' end of the inserted element in P{lacW}ms(3)S125011bS125011b are retained.

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    Homozygotes show embryonic lethality.

    The "Rbf2[M2]" mutant stock corresponds to Df(3R)16C3a with all deleted genes except Rbf2 rescued by the addition of two transgene insertions: P{CG4287-CG5516-(Rbf2).S}a and P{mor+11.8}F3a. Homozygotes are viable and do not display visible developmental abnormalities. "Rbf2[M2]" mutant females have no fertility defect: they lay an increased number of eggs compared to wild-type controls, none of the eggs have morphological abnormalities and the eggs have a comparable hatching rate as those laid by wild-type controls.

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