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D. melanogaster
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A 3.1kb deletion located 5' of upd3 and distal to upd1.

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    Phenotypic Data
    In combination with other aberrations

    Df(1)os1/Df(1)oso mutant flies have outstretched wings. Eye size is similar to wild type.

    Df(1)oso/Df(1)os1A2 mutant flies have outstretched wings.

    Df(1)os1/Df(1)oso flies have outstretched wings, but their eyes are normal.

    Df(1)oso/Ab(1)oss flies appear normal (no mutant wing or eye phenotypes are seen).

    NOT in combination with other aberrations

    In contrast to wild type flies, Df(1)oso mutant flies hold their halteres down. Homozygous Df(1)oso mutant flies have outstretched wings. Eye size is similar to wild type.

    The mean ln (natural logarithm) circulating hemocyte concentration (CHC) value of hemizygous larvae is statistically indistinguishable from that of control siblings. The ability of hemizygous larvae to encapsulate L.boulardi eggs is not significantly different from the encapsulation activity of control larvae.

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    Complementation data show that Df(1)oso disrupts the function of upd1 and upd3, represented by the alleles upd1os-o and upd3os-o.

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