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D. melanogaster
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3R:18,533,250..18,533,250 (hemo-A4:bk1)
3R:18,573,813..18,573,813 (hemo-A4:bk2)
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Deletion that completely removes the polycistronic transcription unit encoding hemo and CG43210. The first non-coding exons of fray and of fru are also deleted. Generated by FLP-mediated recombination between the two progenitor insertions P{RS3}frayCB-0706-3 and PBac{WH}fruf02684.

Scer\FRT-mediated recombination between the two progenitor insertions (PBac{WH}fruf02684 and P{RS3}frayCB-0706-3 has resulted in the deletion of the genomic sequence between them.

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In combination with other aberrations

Df(3L)BSC727/+, hemo-A4/hemo-A4 mutant hemocytes do not exhibit a significant endolysosome phenotype.

NOT in combination with other aberrations

hemo-A4/hemo-A4 flies reach adulthood and do not exhibit overt morphological defects, but their hemocytes exhibit increased vacuolar morphology and increased accumulation of acidic endolysosome compartments, slower processing of E. coli bacteria, and mutants exhibit a higher bacterial load, reduced resistance to non-pathogenic E. coli, and shortened lifespan in comparison to wild-type controls.

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