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D. melanogaster
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dE2F7172, E2F07172, e2f7172, dE2F17172, E2f17172, 07172, dE2f107172, P{PZ}E2f07172
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P{PZ} is inserted near to the translation start site, such that the Ecol\lacZ coding region is in the opposite orientation to E2f.

P{PZ} is inserted 33 nucleotides upstream of the initiator methionine, with the Ecol\lacZ in the opposite orientation to E2f.

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One copy of E2f07172 has no effect on hemocyte proliferation in third instar larvae.

E2f107172 germline stem cell (GSC) clones behave similarly to control GSC clones and do not dramatically affect GSC maintenance.

E2fi2/E2f07172 trans-heterozygotes are viable and can complete oogenesis. Eggs laid by these females display a variety of dorsoventral polarity defects, including eggshells with fused dorsal appendages (ventralised, 22%), eggshells with fused but slightly expanded dorsal appendages (between dorsalised and ventralised, 39%), and eggshells with fused but widely spread dorsal appendages (strongly dorsalised, 11%). In addition, 8% of the eggs laid by E2fi2/E2f07172 females have greatly degenerated dorsal appendages, which obscure the dorsoventral polarity pattern of these eggshells.

In E2f07172 mutants, unlike CycE mutants, no homeotic transformation of NB6-4t to NB6-4a is observed. While the number of NB6-4 derived glia in the thorax is unaffected, the number of NB6-4 derived neurons per thoracic segment is reduced from 5-6 to 2-4 in approximately 85% of embryos.

In E2fi1/E2f07172 egg chambers, unlike wild-type (where nurse cells undergo apoptosis during stages 12 to 13 and have degenerated by stage 14), a cluster of nurse cells remain attached to the stage 14 oocyte and having failed to under go apoptosis. Some mutant eggs chambers, one or a few persisting nurse cells do show signs of apoptosis, but not until stage 14.

E2f1/Dp-dependent G[[1]]-S transcription is disrupted late in embryogenesis, but S phase takes place. Lethality occurs at late larval, early pupal stages. Lethality of E2f191/E2f107172 occurs at late larval, early pupal stages. Larval growth is dramatically delayed taking 288 to 432 hours from larvae to pupation compared to 120 hours for wild type. Five days after egg laying larvae are very sluggish and much smaller in size than wild type. Salivary glands, imaginal discs and the brain are greatly reduced in size in 5 day old larvae but they do grow to wild type proportions by the end of their larval life. Larvae also exhibit melanotic pseudotumours, they first appear 7 days after egg laying and they grow and darken as the larvae age.

Clones induced in the eye in the first or second larval instar are not detected in the adult eye. They can be detected in the eye disc, but are much smaller than the adjacent twin spots, with fewer cells. These cells have initiated neuronal differentiation. Resulting ommatidia have incomplete sets of photoreceptors, and photoreceptors that are present often have abnormal morphology. Rhabdomeres are small in diameter, the rhabdomeres of the outer photoreceptors may project centrally and the photoreceptors do not extend the full length of the retina.

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Phenotypic Class
Enhanced by

E2f191/E2f107172 has lethal phenotype, enhanceable | maternal effect by CycE[+]/CycE05206

NOT Enhancer of

E2f107172 is a non-enhancer of visible phenotype of upd1GMR.PB

Suppressor of
NOT Suppressor of
Phenotype Manifest In
Enhancer of
NOT Enhancer of

E2f107172 is a non-enhancer of eye phenotype of upd1GMR.PB

E2f107172 is a non-enhancer of phenotype of Mybunspecified

Suppressor of
NOT Suppressor of

E2f107172 is a non-suppressor of eye phenotype of upd1GMR.PB

E2f107172 is a non-suppressor of phenotype of Mybunspecified

Additional Comments
Genetic Interactions

Heterozygosity for E2f07172 suppresses the dopaminergic neuronal phenotypes in animals expressing LrrkI1915T.Scer\UAS under the control of Scer\GAL4ple.PF.

Heterozygosity for E2f07172 suppresses the dopaminergic neuronal phenotypes of homozygous let-7Δ.cSa animals.

bamΔ86 E2f107172 double mutant germline stem cell (GSC) clones are much less competitive than bamΔ86 single mutant GSCs.

A heterozygous E2f07172 background strongly enhances the dorsalisation phenotype seen when ImpScer\UAS.cGa is expressed under the control of Scer\GAL4mat.αTub67C.T:Hsim\VP16 (on the second).

The addition of E2f07172 has no effect on Mybunspecified viability.

The rough eye phenotype seen upon expression of DrefScer\UAS.cSa in the developing eye under the control of Scer\GAL4GMR.PS is suppressed in an E2f07172 heterozygous background.

Lethality of E2f191/E2f107172 transheterozygotes is dramatically enhanced by reducing the maternal dosage of CycE (CycE05206).

Xenogenetic Interactions

One copy of E2f07172 moderately suppresses the hemocyte overproliferation seen in third instar larvae when Hsap\RUNX1::Hsap\RUNX1T1Scer\UAS.cSa is expressed under the control of Scer\GAL4Hml.Δ.

The presence of E2f107172 as well as slmbe4-1 reverses the enhancement of the Mmus\Cul1Scer\UAS.cHa/Scer\GAL4Bx-MS1096 wing size phenotype by a slmbe4-1 background.

The eye phenotype caused by expression of Mmus\Mdm2Scer\UAS.cFa under the control of Scer\GAL4GMR.PF is not rescued if the flies are also carrying E2f07172.

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A. Spradling.


Complements: mod(mdg4)03852. Complements: Hsrω05241. Complements: InR05545. Complements: mod(mdg4)07038.

Transposase-mediated excision of the P{PZ} produces ry- flies that lack both the insertion and the lethal phenotype.

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