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D. melanogaster
heat shock construct of Noordermeer
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wg coding region is expressed under the control of Hsp70 promoter.

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After heatshocking single Malpighian tubule tip cell always developed appearing morphologically normal.

Overexpression of wghs.PN at 24 hours after pupariation produces no phenotype in the wing.

Ubiquitous overexpression of wghs.PN results in oversized brains and ventral nerve cords. The protocerebrum is increased in size in these brains.

Embryos in which wghs.PN is ectopically expressed at 4 hours after egg laying show an increase in the number of somatic gonadal precursor cells.

Heat induced expression in embryos causes an extreme phenotype, nearly all the epidermal cells secrete smooth cuticle and remnants of denticle belts are observed. An intermediate phenotype: narrow denticle belts due to deletion of the first 3-4 anterior rows of denticles. Weak phenotype, affects only affect the first row of denticles.

Ectopic expression of wg in the neuroectoderm induces duplication of the RP2 lineage in wild type embryos.

Ectopic wg expression causes abnormalities in germarium structure, such as elongation of the germarium where region 1 becomes constricted. The number of stalk cells connecting post-germarial egg chambers is reduced and germ-line cysts frequently undergo cell death prior to vitellogenesis resulting in short ovarioles containing fewer than the normal number of egg chambers.

Overexpression between 3-4 hours of development causes extensive hypertrophy of heart precursor cells. hh8, P{HS-wg} embryos kept at 25oC exhibit lack of heart formation, 30 minutes of heat shock between 3 and 4 hours of development significantly restores heart development.

Produced insufficient activity to generate ectopic wing bristles in a wild type background.

Ectopic wg expression causes ectopic microchaetae on the pleura and lateral expansion of the tergites and sternites. The time period for each of these effects is 10-22 hours APF for the ectopic bristles and 18-28 hours for expansion of the tergites. Clones found in regions that normally express wg a normal phenotype. Clones found in regions that do not express wg differentiate extra bristles, and expanded tergite and sternite.

Heat shocked embryos do not exhibit copper cells (or a drastic reduction in the number), or interstitial cells but large numbers of large flat cells could be seen. Ubiquitous heat induction after 10 hours of embryonic development causes the 'topping-up' phenotype with large anterior copper cells.

The cuticle phenotypes of double mutants of wghs.PN with dsh477 or arm25B are indistinguishable from the mutant germline clone phenotypes of dsh, arm and wg embryos, i.e. a lawn of denticles. Double mutants of wghs.PN and hh11 show a similar but not identical phenotype to wghs.PN alone, i.e. naked throughout most of the ventral cuticle but with dispersed patches of non-polarized denticles evident at the lateral sides. Double mutants of wghs.PN and arm25B show some restoration of the segmental denticle phenotype. The cuticle of double mutant wghs.PN, wgl-17 embryos shows an embryo of almost wild type size with partially restored head and tail structures (filzkorper) and a segmental denticle pattern.

The wg mutant phenotype is at least partly suppressed by three rounds of heat shock activation of wghs.PN. Continuous wg activity from 3hrs 40 mins after egg laying rescues the gsb mutant phenotype at least partially.

Mirror phenotypes result if the wg gene is active during early embryonic development (up to 6 hours) but not later. The result is the same whether the gene product is ubiquitous (wghs.PN) or normally localised (wgl-12).

Uniform wg expression generates completely naked cuticle, uniform arm accumulation and broadening of the en domain. Phenotype resembles mutant phenotype of nkd.

Over-expression of wg results in supernumerary cells in the Malpighian tubules.

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Phenotypic Class
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wghs.PN is a suppressor of abnormal planar polarity | dominant | heat sensitive phenotype of fzI.hs

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wghs.PN has RP2 motor neuron | ectopic phenotype, suppressible by gsbhs.PBH

wghs.PN has RP2sib neuron | ectopic phenotype, suppressible by gsbhs.PBH

Suppressor of

wghs.PN is a suppressor of wing phenotype of fzI.hs


dshhs.PA, wghs.PN has wing & macrochaeta phenotype

Additional Comments
Genetic Interactions

Suppresses the dominant gain-of-function planar cell polarity phenotype in the wing produced by overexpression of fzI.hs at 24 hours after pupariation.

enE invE embryos expressing wghs.PN have triplicated RP2 neurons.

Induction of wghs.PN along with dshhs.PA potentiates the response to dsh, causing bristles to form well into the interior of the vast majority of wings.

Ectopic expression of gsbhs.PBH in the neuroectoderm (in a wghs.PN background) suppresses the RP2 lineage duplication. Ectopic expression in Df(2R)gsb embryos causes triplication of the RP2 lineage.

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Displays a variety of wg-dependent effects that are mediated by dsh (FBrf0055887).

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heat shock construct of Noordermeer
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