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D. melanogaster
Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Wang
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UAS-numb, UAS-Nb, UASnumb
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Full length numb is expressed under the control of UASt regulatory sequences.

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fascicle & antennal segment 3, with Scer\GAL4sca-P309

glial cell & antennal segment 3 | ectopic, with Scer\GAL4sca-P309

microchaeta & antennal segment 3, with Scer\GAL4sca-P309

Detailed Description

Expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa in the wing disc under the control of Scer\GAL4ap-md544 inhibits the production of hairs during asymmetric division of the sensory organ precursors, which results in bald nota in all progeny.

Expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa in peripheral glial cells under the control of Scer\GAL4Mz97 leads to an impairment of glial cell migration. The ventral peripheral glial cells and the ventral intersegmental peripheral glial cells stall at the exit zone, while the medial intersegmental peripheral glial cells migrate further laterally. Ventral peripheral glia in which numbScer\UAS.cWa is not expressed due to the pattern of the Scer\GAL4Mz97 driver migrate dorsally.

Compared to control clones in third instar larvae, clones with expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa have a cell cycle delay: there are a reduced number of neuroepithelial stem cells that have not differentiated into neurons on the lateral surface of the brain, and post-embryonic neuroblasts contain smaller numbers of neurons and ganglion mother cells; Hsap\NUMBScer\UAS.PTBS-PRRS clones containing only neurons on the medial surface near the central brain are found at a higher frequency than control clones.

When numbScer\UAS.cWa is driven by Scer\GAL4sca-537.4, bristle formation is inhibited leading to bald patches of cuticle, and the flies die shortly after hatching.

When numbScer\UAS.cWa is driven by Scer\GAL4sca-P309, a strong reduction in external structures on the adult antenna is seen, with a concomitant increase in glial cell numbers, with a concomitant increase in glial cell numbers. The diameter of fascicles in antennal segment 3 are also increased.

Lethality, when driven by Scer\GAL4109-53 or Scer\GAL4109-79 acts in the embryonic-larval stages. When driven by Scer\GAL4sca-109-68 bristle defects occur.

Expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4unspecified in the Malpighian tubules results in two tip cells developing, and the tubules are not arranged normally.

When numbScer\UAS.cWa is driven by Scer\GAL4hs.PB from 3.5 to 7.5 hours after egg laying, Malpighian tubules have two tip cells, instead of one as seen in wild-type. However, there is no change in the final number of tubule cells. The distinction between the number of cells in the anterior and posterior tubules is also unaffected.

The number of eve-expressing pericardial cells is reduced and the number of DA1 muscles is increased in embryos expressing numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PG.

Embryos expressing numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4sca-537.4 show transformation of sheath cells to neurons in the chordotonal organs. Overexpression of numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4sca-109-68 in adult sensory organs produces a balding phenotype (external sensory organs have no hair and no socket).

Embryos expressing numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PB show duplications and transformations of muscles, and adult muscle precursors are lost. Muscle VA2 is duplicated at the expense of VA1, DO5 is transformed to LL1 and LT3 is transformed to LT4. The ventral adult muscle precursors are missing and muscle VA3 is duplicated. Lateral and dorsal adult muscle precursors are also missing, and the segment border muscle and dorsal muscles (including DA1) are duplicated. Embryos lack pericardial cells. Despite the muscle aberrations, some embryos develop to form adult flies. These flies are flightless, do not jump and lack ventral abdominal muscles that would normally be generated from the ventral adult muscle precursors.

Scer\GAL4sca-109-68-mediated expression causes twinned hairs and balding. Phenotype is caused by transformation of both the IIa and IIb cell and the sheath to a neuron.

When expression is driven by Scer\GAL4ptc-559.1, at 29oC during the second larval instar stage, adult flies show a loss of distal wing margin at the anterior/posterior boundary. When expressed in the sensory organ precursor cells of the adult external sense organs, using Scer\GAL4sca-109-68, a twinned hair phenotype is produced.

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Scer\GAL4wor.PA/numbUAS.cWa is a non-suppressor of spindle & neuroblast & larva phenotype of aurA8839

Additional Comments
Genetic Interactions

Expression of molScer\UAS.cXa in the wing disc does not enhance the bald notum phenotype seen upon expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4ap-md544.

The addition of numbScer\UAS.cWa driven by Scer\GAL4sca-537.4 to H99/HP8 flies rescues the double socket phenotype seen in the external sensory organs in these flies.

Co-expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa with Su(H)Scer\UAS.cNa driven by Scer\GAL4sca-537.4 results in flies that are partially bald.

The balding phenotype produced by expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa under the control of Scer\GAL4sca-109-68 is enhanced by Df(2L)TW3. The cell fate transformation phenotypes produced by overexpression of either numbScer\UAS.cWa or NakScer\UAS.cCa in the adult sensory organs are suppressed in flies expressing both numbScer\UAS.cWa and NakScer\UAS.cCa in the adult sensory organs under the control of Scer\GAL4sca-109-68.

When expression is driven by Scer\GAL4ptc-559.1 (without increasing the temperature to 29oC) in N55e11/+ flies, an even stronger notched wing phenotype is seen.

Xenogenetic Interactions
Complementation and Rescue Data

Expression of numbScer\UAS.cWa rescues neuronal differentiation defects seen in the outer optic anlage of numb15/numb15 clones in third instar larvae.

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Wang
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