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D. melanogaster
Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Gieseler
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UAS-wg, UAS-wgE, UASwgE1, UASwg
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UAS regulatory sequences drive expression of wg.

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dorsal mesothoracic disc & peripodial epithelium | somatic clone, with Scer\GAL4αTub84B.PL

dorsal mesothoracic disc & peripodial epithelium | somatic clone | cell non-autonomous, with Scer\GAL4αTub84B.PL

sensory mother cell & dorsal mesothoracic disc | ectopic, with Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1

Detailed Description

When wgScer\UAS.cGa is driven by Scer\GAL4twi.PB or Scer\GAL4Mef2.PR the cII cluster of slou expressing muscle founder cells is expanded.

Expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa in ganglion mother cells, driven by Scer\GAL4pros.PMG, does not affect slou-expressing founder cell clusters I and II.

wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4αTub84B.PL somatic clones in the peripodial epithelium of the wing disc are transformed from squamous to columnar morphology. This transformation occurs not just within the clone but affects cells non-autonomously within a range of 7-15 cellular diameters away from the clone. The severity of the morphological change decreases with distance to the clone Marker expression suggests that these clones are transformed towards a wing hinge fate, rather than wing blade or notum.

In wgScer\UAS.cGa, Scer\GAL4dpp.blk1 pharate adults a loss of macrochaete and scutellum is seen as well as ectopic outgrowth and sclerites characteristic of proximal wing structures.

Expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PG has no stable effect on eve-expressing progenitor formation in the mesoderm.

Ectopic expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa driven by Scer\GAL4zfh2-MS209 leads to an overgrown wing disc and subsequently an overgrowth in the proximal wing region.

The three slou-expressing muscles are largely normal in embryos expressing wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PB.

Overexpression of wgScer\UAS.cGa driven by Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1 increases the size of the hinge region of the wing disc but does not effect the viability of the cells. The adult wing is smaller than wild-type with a large number of sensory organs. When expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa is driven by Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1, the whole of the anterior compartment of the wing disc is covered in evenly spaced SOPs (sensory organ precursors). Expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa during the induction of the wing primordia in the early phases of wing development by Scer\GAL4dpp.blk1, leads to an increased wing primordia which distorts the disc as the primordia invades the notum.

Flies expressing wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4dpp.blk1 show morphological changes in the wing disc, due to ectopic induction of hinge fate in the notal area. Expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4vg.int2.1 does not enlarge the wing pouch.

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NECNΔ17-19.24-26.UAS, Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1, wgUAS.cGa has sensory mother cell & dorsal mesothoracic disc | ectopic phenotype

NECNΔ10-12.UAS, Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1, wgUAS.cGa has sensory mother cell & dorsal mesothoracic disc | ectopic phenotype

Additional Comments
Genetic Interactions

The co-expression of wgUAS.cGa and pnutGD1512 from the second instar larval stage under the combined control of Scer\GAL4ap-md544 and Gal80[ts] does not leads to the formation of tumors in the third instar larval wing disc.

Marker expression data suggests that the presence of vgScer\UAS.cZa transforms wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4αTub84B.PL somatic clone cells in the peripodial epithelium from wing hinge like to wing pouch like.

Co-expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa and Ras85DG13Q.Scer\UAS under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PG results in a lateral expansion of the eve-expressing progenitor clusters in the mesoderm. Co-expression of twiScer\UAS.cBa, Ras85DG13Q.Scer\UAS and wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PG results in an almost continuous anteroposterior stripe of eve-expressing progenitor cells confined to the dorsal mesoderm. The number of extra eve-expressing progenitor cells in the mesoderm is substantially increased when twiScer\UAS.cBa is co-expressed with wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4twi.PG.

The addition of D10 to flies with wgScer\UAS.cGa driven by Scer\GAL4zfh2-MS209 has no effect on the phenotype seen in wgScer\UAS.cGa,Scer\GAL4zfh2-MS209 flies alone.

The addition of wgScer\UAS.cGa suppresses the wing pouch phenotype seen in NECN.Scer\UAS/Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1 wing discs and leads to cell death occurring over the whole of the wing pouch. Wings in these adult flies are small and bear a small number of bristles. The addition of wgScer\UAS.cGa to NECN.Scer\UAS/Scer\GAL4sd-SG29.1 flies leads to an increase in the area of the wing disc covered by SOPs, similar to when wgScer\UAS.cGa is expressed alone, though they are not evenly spaced.

Coexpression of dppScer\UAS.cSa and wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4vg.int2.1 leads to a pronounced extension of the wing blade towards the notum in the wing disc. In some cases, the development of up to 8 wing blades, all with a common origin over a point ventral to the notum, is seen.

Scer\GAL4dpp.blk1-mediated expression in Su(H)2/Su(H)8, vg83b27-R or apUGO35 mutants fails to rescue loss of wing tissue.

Xenogenetic Interactions
Complementation and Rescue Data

Expression of wgScer\UAS.cGa under the control of Scer\GAL4pros.PMG partially rescues the loss of naked cuticle in wgl-17 larvae, but reduces denticle diversity. This expression restores RP2 neurons to wgl-17 embryos.

wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4da.G32 rescues the loss of naked ventral cuticle in wgl-17 homozygous embryos. About half of the resulting embryos have the wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4da.G32 overexpression phenotype of a completely naked ventral cuticle. wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4da.G32 rescues the dorsal-ventral elongation and orientation of microtubule bundles in the leading edge cells of stage 13 wgl-17 homozygous embryos. wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4332.3 rescues the dorsal-ventral polarity of leading edge cells in these embryos, including orientation of the microtubule bundles. But dorsal-ventral elongation of these cells is occurs later than normal and is reduced.

wgScer\UAS.cGa; Scer\GAL4da.G32 s the polarity and organization of leading edge cells during dorsal closure in wgl-17 mutant embryos.

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Gieseler
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