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D. melanogaster
Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Duchek
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UAS-Pvr, UASpvr
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UASt sequences drive expression of a full-length Pvr cDNA.

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Larval lymph glands expressing PvrUAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4Hml.Δ have a smaller cortical zone and fewer Hml-positive hemocytes than controls.

Scer\GAL4He.PZ-mediated expression of PvrScer\UAS.cDa does not affect hemocyte counts in larvae.

The late phase of posterior border follicle cell migration are transformed to a behaviour similar to that of the early phase in females expressing PvrScer\UAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6, with the clusters showing sliding movement, reduced tumbling and elongated shapes. The number of cellular extensions from the front of the clusters is also increased in the late phase of posterior border follicle cell migration in these animals. In contrast to wild type, the mutant border cell clusters fail to migrate dorsally upon reaching the oocyte.

The number of proliferating cells in the adult midgut is significantly increased in flies expressing PvrScer\UAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4esg-NP5130 relative to controls.

The intestinal stem cell population in the midgut of flies expressing PvrScer\UAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4esg-NP5130 is increased compared to controls. These flies show a 1.7 fold increase in the number of enteroendocrine cells and a 0.6 fold reduction in the number of differentiated enterocytes with large nuclei compared to controls.

Cells expressing PvrScer\UAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4c522 are preferentially located at the front of the cluster during border cell posterior migration in mosaic border cell clusters consisting of both wild-type and mutant cells.

Border cell migration occurs normally in PvrScer\UAS.cDa; Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6 egg chambers. By oogenesis stage 10, sporadic follicle cells in these egg chambers accumulate filamentous actin in the cortex.

When PvrScer\UAS.cDa is driven by Scer\GAL4Act5C.PP in somatic clones in the follicle cells, an small increase is seen in the accumulation of F-actin.

Expression of PvrScer\UAS.cDa when driven by Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6 has a negligible effect on border cell migration.

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Expression of PvrScer\UAS.cDa does not suppress the increase in the differentiation of prohemocytes to plasmatocytes and crystal cells seen when Arf79FGD12522 is expressed under the control of Scer\GAL4Hml.Δ. The moderate reduction in niche (posterior signalling center) cell number is suppressed upon expression of PvrScer\UAS.cDa.

Expression of PvrScer\UAS.cDa under the control of Scer\GAL4Act.PU in the cells surrounding scrib1 clones in the eye-antennal disc significantly enhances the elimination of the mutant scrib1 clones compared to that seen when the cells surrounding the clone are wild type.

Defective migration of border follicle cells in CblF165 homozygous somatic clones is enhanced by PvrScer\UAS.cDa with Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6.

Border follicle cell migration is frequently defective in Pvf1Scer\UAS.P\T.cRb; PvrScer\UAS.cDa; Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6 animals.

Migration of border follicle cells is normal in spri6G1 homozygotes, or in flies carrying PvrScer\UAS.cDa with Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6, but significant defects in border cell migration border cell migration defects are seen in spri6G1/spri6G1 PvrScer\UAS.cDa Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6 flies.

When PvrScer\UAS.cDa is added to Pvf1EPg11235, Scer\GAL4slbo.2.6 an enhancement of the border cell migration phenotype is seen. A quarter of the border cells at stage 10 are at the oocyte, but another quarter do not move at all.

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Saccharomyces cerevisiae UAS construct a of Duchek
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