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General Information
D. melanogaster
FlyBase ID
Short Genotype
CyO, P{Car20y}EW1
Parent Aberration
Parent Cytology
2Lt - 22D1 | 33F5 - 30F | 50D1 - 58A4 | 42A2 - 34A1 | 22D2 - 30E | 50C10 - 42A3 | 58B1 - 2Rt

E. Woodhouse.

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Other Information

Expression of y+t7.7 is good in larvae, allowing straightforward selection of the balancer in an otherwise y- background. In adults, however, essentially all show some degree of variegation.

The degree of variegation of y+t7.7 in CyO-vWb is background dependent. In most BDGP insertion lines carrying this balancer, y+ expression can be detected only in a few macrochaetae and in the presutural, super alar or post alar bristles. Some lines, however, have much more extensive y+ expression in adults.

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CyO-variant b of Woodhouse
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