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Insulin-like Receptor Signaling Pathway
D. melanogaster
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The Insulin-like Receptor signaling pathway in Drosophila is initiated by the binding of an insulin-like peptides (ILPs) to the Insulin-like receptor (InR). ILPs are important regulators of metabolism, growth, reproduction and lifespan. (Adapted from FBrf0232297, FBrf0230017 and FBrf0229989).

Notes and selected reviews

Selected publications for background information: Insulin/IGF signaling in Drosophila and other insects: factors that regulate production, release and post-release action of the insulin-like peptides (FBrf0232297), Conservation of gene and tissue networks regulating insulin signalling in flies and vertebrates (FBrf0229989), Conserved insulin signaling in the regulation of oocyte growth, development, and maturation (FBrf0235820), Drosophila as a Model for Diabetes and Diseases of Insulin Resistance (FBrf0234320), Using Drosophila to discover mechanisms underlying type 2 diabetes (FBrf0231859), Molecular mechanisms of metabolic regulation by insulin in Drosophila (FBrf0209514).

Note: Pathway Pages in FlyBase are under development. The pathway gene tables display genes that have been experimentally shown to act within the pathway or modify pathway activity. We welcome any feedback to help improve the usefulness and accuracy of these gene lists.

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Synonyms and Secondary IDs
Insulin-like Receptor Signaling Pathway
ILP signaling
insulin/IGF signaling
Insulin/insulin-like growth factor signalling pathway
IR signaling pathway
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