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mitochondrial complex V disorders, MT-ATP6-related
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A number of mitochondrial diseases are associated with defects in the human mitochondrial ATP synthase, MT-ATP6 (OMIM:516060; see Allelic Variants section or table). There is a single fly ortholog, Dmel\mt:ATPase6, for which a loss-of-function mutation and RNAi-targeting constructs have been generated.

The human MT-ATP6 gene has not been introduced into flies. Specific diseases associated with MT-ATP6 include Leigh syndrome, MT-ATP6-related (FBhh0000387; OMIM:256000), neuropathy, ataxia, and retinitis pigmentosa (FBhh0000386; OMIM:551500), myopathy, lactic acidosis, and sideroblastic anemia 3 (FBhh0000379; OMIM:500011), and striatonigral degeneration, infantile, mitochondrial (FBhh0000380; OMIM:500003).

One of the phenotypes described for Dmel\mt:ATPase6 is bang-sensitivity (FBcv:0000391), a phenotype similar to seizure sensitivity in humans; see the human disease model report for epilepsy (FBhh0000268). Several other fly genes characterized as models of mitochondrial disease also exhibit bang-sensitive phenotypes, including sesB (see mitochondrial myopathy, SLC25A4(ANT1)-related, FBhh0000372), mt:ND2 (see mitochondrial complex I deficiency, MT-ND2-related, FBhh0000382), and Ttc19 (see mitochondrial complex III deficiency, nuclear type 2, FBhh0000369).

Adult flies homozygous for a loss-of-function Dmel\mt:ATPase6 allele show bang sensitivity, reduced locomotor activity, and reduced lifespan. Progressive, adult-onset neuromuscular dysfunction and myodegeneration is observed; micrographs reveal abnormal appearance of mitochondria. A single genetic interaction (with sesB) is described; see the gene report for mt:ATPase6.

[updated Aug. 2016 by FlyBase; FBrf0222196]

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Disease Summary: mitochondrial complex V disorders, MT-ATP6-related
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Mitochondrial complex V (ATP synthase) effects the final step of oxidative phosphorylation in the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Complex V (ATP synthase) of the mitochondrion comprises 17 subunits encoded by nuclear DNA and 2 subunits (MT-ATP6 and MT-ATP8) encoded by mtDNA. []

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mitochondrial complex V (ATP synthetase) disorders, mitochondrial type
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    Many to one: 2 human to 1 Drosophila; the additional orthologous human gene is MT-ATP8.

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      D. melanogaster Gene Information (1)
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      mitochondrial ATPase subunit 6 (mt:ATPase6) encodes a mitochondrial inner transmembrane protein that is key for oxidative phosphorylation. It couples hydrogen ion transport to ATP synthesis functioning as part of the ATP synthase. [Date last reviewed: 2019-03-14]
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      Moderate-scoring ortholog of human mitochondrial gene MT-ATP6; lower-scoring ortholog of human MT-ATP8 (1 Drosophila to 2 human). Dmel\mt:ATPase6 shares 56% identity and 38% similarity with human MT-ATP6.

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