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cancer, epithelial, ING1-related
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This report is based upon experiments in Drosophila designed to identify genes involved in later stages of cancer development, including cellular acquisition of invasive behavior. The Drosophila gene CG7379 was identified in this screen. Dmel\CG7379 encodes a component of a Sin3-type histone deacetylase complex; it has been shown to physically interact with Dmel\p53. A limited numbers of genetic reagents have been generated for CG7379 including RNAi-targeting constructs and an allele caused by insertional mutagenesis.

There are two genes orthologous to Dmel\CG7379 in human, ING1 and ING2. ING1 has been previously identified as a tumor suppressor gene and is implicated in several forms of squamous cell carcinoma. Neither genes has been introduced into flies. Using a breast cancer cell line, the effect of knockdown of ING1 was assessed; a significant increase in both invasion and migration was observed. The ING2 gene was not tested in this assay.

[updated Nov. 2020 by FlyBase; FBrf0222196]

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Disease Summary: cancer, epithelial, ING1-related
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ING1 encodes a nuclear protein that physically interacts with the tumor suppressor protein TP53; it cooperates with p53/TP53 in the negative regulatory pathway of cell growth by modulating p53-dependent transcriptional activation. ING1 is implicated as a tumor suppressor gene. [Gene Cards, ING1; 2020.11.28]

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    Many to one: 2 human genes to 1 Drosophila gene.

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        Moderate- to high-scoring ortholog of human ING1 and ING2 (1 Drosophila to 2 human). Dmel\CG7379 shares 26-28% identity and 40-41% similarity with the human genes.

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        pull down, autoradiography
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        anti tag coimmunoprecipitation, peptide massfingerprinting
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